Rothbury Festival 2010 -CANCELLED: Will Locals Will Be Putting On Their Own Smaller Rothbury Homegrown Fest? + 10,000 Lakes Festival is Also Put on Hold for 2010!

The Rothbury Festival has been cancelled for 2010!

The Rothbury Festival has been cancelled for 2010!

What’s happening to this summer’s music festivals?

AEG and Madison House just announced that this year’s 2010 Rothbury Festival was being cancelled — but for some very unusual reasons. According to the festival’s web site, the fest said, “A contributing factor to the decision is that due to various artists’ recording and touring schedules, we now believe that timing will not allow for us to assemble the cutting edge roster that everyone has come to expect from Rothbury.”

The Rothbury page, said the event was looking ahead to returning 2011.

Huh? How can one of the biggest concert groups not be able to score talent for one of the top music festivals in the country?

Here’s the info direct from the Rothbury page:

It gets even more interesting.  The Muskegon Chronicle just reported that  Rothbury city business leaders immediately started looking at putting on their own down-scaled event this summer. They’re already dubbing it Rothbury Homegrown.

Read that article here at:

Stay tuned, this could get interesting.

Then, word got out this weekend about the 10,00o Lakes Festival taking a 2010 break. The fest’s web site states that 10,000 Lakes is indeed taking the year off. Here’s the info:

So. how many music festivals does that leave us?

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