Grammy Review: Coldplay, Adele, John Mayer Take Home the Gold — but, Biz as Usual in the Industry

Coldplay scored several Grammy awards last night

Coldplay scored several Grammy awards last night

The production was amazing and the list of musical stars was unbelievable.

The Grammys pulled out all the stops for last night’s music awards show. The three-hour program even managed to put together some very interesting duos and trios that wowed at-home audiences.

However, the Grammys proved that this awards show is still about the status quo of the music industry. Yep, if you had a connection to a major label or management company — you walked off with most of  the gold.

In a day and age of MySpace and YouTube, more and more acts are breaking via the Internet. It would be nice to see more of these venue/CD selling acts represented at the Grammys.

Adele was the one artist that did break that mold.

The shy British singer won the Grammy for “Best New Artist” — beating out Duffy in the process. That was great news, because Adele earned her record deal after breaking bigtime on MySpace.

Back to the actual show.

The Grammys pulled out the stops this year when it came to the production. TV audiences really felt like they were in a large concert arena and it gave a new dimension to the show.

There were no lack of performances — here’s the best and the worst:

U2 still knows how to work a crowd. The Irish band opened the Grammys and came out full blast peforming its new tune “Get On Your Boots.” The group skillfully worked a modern techno-sound into the rock grooves and set the bar for last night’s show.

Katy Perry gave new meaning to the use of fruit when she arrived in a giant banana and danced around to her hit tune “I Kissed A Girl.”

Adele gave a very emotive rendering of her hit song “Chasing Pavements.”

The Rap Pack number was one of the best Grammy moments. Everyone’s TV sets went from color to black and white, as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Diddy  and a VERY pregnant M.I.A. performed an energized “Swagger Like Us.”

In retro land, Sir Paul McCartney rocked The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There” with a very animated Dave Grohl on drums.  Jamie Foxx and Ne -Yo gave pretty decent performances in the Four Tops tribute — and Robert Plant proved there’s life beyond Led Zeppelin.

Radiohead’s performance of “15 Step” would’ve been great  — if the performance didn’t include the USC Marching Band. Yes, that’s the same group that played on Fleetwood Mac’s moldy oldy song “Tusk.”

The worst performances of the night were logged in by the Disney kids.

The Jonas Brothers performed “Superstition” with Stevie Wonder, and the Jo Bros managed to mangle the song lyrics. That’s when the brothers  weren’t busy jumping around on stage like crazed marionettes.

That was truly one of the worst moments in Grammy history.

Coldplay and Jason Timberlake only turned in so-so performances at the Grammys, as their sets were hit and miss. And, John Mayer looked totally bored during the Bo Diddley tribute.

The biggest announcement of the night: Blink-182 was giving out an award and reported that the band was getting back together.

The biggest no show — Rihanna and Chris Brown. The artists were supposed to perform at the Grammys, but Brown  turned himself in for questioning to the police for a felony battery charge. Reports are saying the victim was Rihanna.

Never a dull moment at the Grammys.

In the end, it was an interesting night for performances and music news. However, the Grammys need to step out in the real world and honor talent that isn’t being pimped by the big players in the music industry.

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