Umphrey’s McGee’s “Mantis” Debuts at #62 on the “Billboard” Record Charts

Umphrey's McGee's heading up the record charts

Umphrey's McGee's heading up the record charts

Boulder music fans are always one step ahead of the game.

Locals filled the Boulder Theater last weekend to see Umphrey’s McGee debut tunes from its new CD “Mantis.” The band’s Boulder PR firm Madison House just sent out a press release saying that the new record debuted on the #62 spot on  the “Billboard 200 ” record chart — and came in at #6 on the music magazine’s indie chart.

Yes, Umphrey’s is now sitting several slots ahead of the Jonas Brothers on the “Billboard 200” chart — proving the record buying public does have taste.

We always knew Boulder was ahead of the curve.

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