Review of New Wilco Movie “Ashes of American Flags”: The Film Packs the Boulder Theater

Wilco strikes gold with its new movie

Wilco strikes gold with its new movie

Concert documentaries can be tricky films to make.

Many rock documentaries offer grainy footage or only show one aspect of band life — and that’s where “Wilco Live: Ashes of American Flags” stands our from the pack.

This movie is not your typical concert film. The rockumentary shows the glamorous side of live shows and the not-so-glamarous side of road life.  A little political commentary about the “Walmartization” of America is also thrown in for good measure.

Co-Directors Christoph Green and Brendan Canty have shot one of the most stunning rock documentaries you can ever hope to see. The cinematography is sheer perfection, the concert scenes capture every nuance of the shows — and the directors really show Wilco’s passion and love of the music they make.

The movie gives you an insider’s peek at the band,  a visual journey that makes you want to catch a second showing of the film — and rock performances that most band’s only dream of.

This is must-see rock cinema. Buy the DVD or get your local movie theaters to show “Wilco Live: Ashes of American Flags.”

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