Lady Gaga on “Gossip Girl” Monday — and Matisyahu’s Music on Winter Olympic Ads: Music Stars Are Finding New Ways to Promote Their Music on TV

Lady Gaga's going to be promoting her new single on "Gossip Girl" this Monday

Lady Gaga's going to be promoting her new single on "Gossip Girl" this Monday

Forget Top 40 radio. These days, top music artists are heading to TV to promote their tunes.

Monday, Lady Gaga will make a special appearance on the teen hit “Gossip Girl.” The performer’s playing a concert in the clip, she’s all glitzed out in a sparkly red dress — and she’s showing off her new single “Bad Romance.”

With that target audience, you know that tune’s going to become an instant hit.

Not to be outdone, reggae-rapper Matisyahu’s music  just hit the TV waves with a new commercial promoting the Winter Olympics.

NBC just started using Matisyahu’s very unifying tune “One Day” as the music for the ads. It sounds like the network wants to draw a younger and more diversified TV audience in for the athletic games.

In both cases, these artists are promoting two very good songs in  a format that”s going to draw a lot of attention to their music. Very smart.

As many artists I’ve interviewed have said, “TV is the new Top 40 radio.”

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