Reality Bytes: Lady Gaga Does Hello Kitty on “Double Exposure” and Justin Bieber Challenges Shaquille O’Neal to a Singing Contest on “Shaq Vs.”

Lady Gaga channels Hello Kitty on Bravo's "Double Exposure"

Pop sensations Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are joining the world of reality TV.

Lady Gaga just made an appearance on Bravo’s celeb photographer reality show “Double Exposure.” The popster posed in Hello Kitty outfits and had to deal with the show’s crazed ,bickering photographers.  She should have gotten combat pay for that shoot. Check out the photo shoot at

Then, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal just got signed on for season two of his reality show “Shaq Vs.” It seems that teen star Justin Bieber will be having a singing competition with Shaq.

In YouTube music news: Bieber just beat out Lady Gaga for most viewed videos.

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