Asher Roth Interview: Rapper Plays Kushcon Cannabis Convention in Denver Tonight with the Flobots + Talks About His New Music and Causes He’s Supporting


Asher Roth plays the Kushcon convention in Denver tonight

Asher Roth is passionate about his music and his causes.

That’s why the rapper is performing at the Kushcon 2 cannabis convention in Denver tonight with the Flobots and Mickey Avalon.

The performer is also passionate about working with kids and he’s been working with the Pencils of Promise group that builds schools in needy countries.

The rapper is best-known for his hit single, “I Love College,” but he’s come a long way from that image. Roth is already working on his next CD and he says it will fly under the Top 40 radar.

Roth talked to the Daily about his upcoming record and his causes, so check out the interview:

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