Triple A Radio Conference Review: Paulo Nutini, Andrew Bird, Marcy Playground and More

Paulo Nutini fails to wow the Triple A crowd

Paulo Nutini fails to wow the Triple A crowd

Wednesday night Aug. 5

Hitting all the acts on the Triple A roster is like a kid going to the candy store. Fortunately, the radio conference paces out the acts, so you can check out every one of them.

Wednesday nights showcases were either brilliant or failed miserably. Here’s the lowdown:

Andrew Bird: I only got the chance to catch part of Bird’s set — he should’ve have been put on a more prominent time slot when more people were at the Fox.

Regardless, the songs I heard were beautifully emotive and his violin playing was top-notch. I’d like to see this artist get booked in Boulder for a headlining show.

Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons: Every once in awhile you get a great surprise at the Triple A, and Chisel and his band was one of those surprise deals.

The band cranked out powerhouse roots rockers that had just the right amount of twang and darkness, but Chisel also showed that he could star in his own right as a solo artist.

The band boasts an amazing number of guitarists, a very cool piano sound — and each song was a gem. The 300+ college kids and conference attendees also raved about this free set on the outdoor stage.

Mindy Smith: No matter how you play it, this artist was not going to replace Ben Harper at this conference — and the dwindling number of people that viewed this set confirmed that fact.

Smith tries too hard to sound like Allison Krauss — and you know what, Krauss already has the Grammy. Have to admit I walked before the end of Smith’s snore of a set. I think the “Raggedy Ann” song was the final blow.

Marcy Playground: Even if you’re  a Top 40 band –can you revive your career?

Marcy Playground played a free outdoor set on the Hill last night, too. The band shined on its hit single, “Sex and Candy” — and it was cool to see all the college kids singing along to every damn lyric.

However, the group’s newer tunes didn’t rank better than Boulder bar band. The sound was pretty shaky on this outdoor set, so I’d be willing to take a listen to a new Marcy Playground CD, but so far, I’m not impressed.

Paulo Nutini: I was at Tulagi three years ago and saw this young Scottish singer put on a brilliant rock and blues set.

So, what the hell happened to Paulo Nutini?

The young musician performed his entire set hunched over like the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” I seriously thought he’d been hurt in some accident and was maimed for life. Then, he stood up straight and went back to his disfiguring pose.

Nutini’s also become a screamer as opposed to a singer — and that didn’t help.  Plus, his latest music sounds like some really bad jug band.

The buzz in the audience wasn’t too hot on Nutini, either. This artist needs to go back to the basics –’cause he  used to be so good.

In the end, Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons scored the biggest Club Notes and audience points.

And, while attendance at the outdoor stage area increased tenfold this year — the Fox crowd did diminsh for the opening night.

I do know that there were only 70 tickets left for tonight’s Gomez show, so I’m looking forward to the Thursday night segment of the Triple A party at the Fox.

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