Concert Reviews: Halloween Weekend in Boulder with DeVotchka, Dinosaur Jr. and Tapes ‘N Tapes

DeVotchKa rocked Halloween in Boulder

DeVotchKa rocked Halloween in Boulder

Boulder is famous for its Halloween weekend concerts and costume parties, and this year the holiday shows ran from Thursday through Saturday.

The local venues didn’t go all out with Halloween decorations, but they did treat locals to some very interesting shows.

Last Thursday, Dinosaur Jr. rocked out the Boulder Theater with its brand of hard-edged alternative sounds. The band members sounded better than ever, as they infused ’90s-style grunge numbers with melodious modern rock anthems.

No doubt, Dinosaur Jr. is back. Though I did have one question. The band had so many Marshall amps on stage, I was wondering how their hearing was going to last for this tour.

CU’s Halloween/Homecoming concert drew in a couple of hundred music fans Friday night. Though, why the Glenn Miller Ballroom had to have an airport security door system installed for the very laid-back crowd still mystifies me.   I quickly learned that Altoids tins will set off these systems.

The CU show featured a solid, hard-rocking set by Denver band The Knew. And, Tapes ‘N Tapes did show up in Halloween costumes that included a Darth Vader and an Elvis outfit. The band’s edgy tunes sounded pretty decent, but the Glenn Miller ballroom sounds much better when there’s a full house to absorb the music.

Then, Denver’s DeVotchKa played their hearts out at the Boulder Theater’s Friday pre-Halloween show. This wasn’t a typical Halloween show, as the band strode out dressed as matadors to the music of  the opera “Carmen.”

DeVotchKa played a show that leaned towards Spanish influences and the band sounded solid as ever. It’s easy to see how all the act’s touring has taken this Colorado band to the next level. Ole. The group did go minimalist with its black and white live video and film clips, but that worked for this Halloween party.

Plus,  DeVotchKa’s crowd gets the award for best venue Halloween costumes. Loved the detail the “Alice in Wonderland” entourage put into their outfits.

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