Concert Review: Gogol Bordello Rocks the Fox in Boulder, Colorado

Gogol Bordello rocked the Fox

Gogol Bordello rocked the Fox

In this day and age, music fans are looking for  a little bang for their buck.

That said, you want to attend shows where you get your money’s worth of entertainment  — and more.

Gogol Bordello is one of those bands that puts on a non-stop, hi-octane show. And –every person that walks out of a Gogol Bordello show, definitely gets their money’s worth of fun.

Last night, Gogol Bordello played a special, intimate show at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. The stage may be a little small to house all the band’s players, but the group made the most of the intimate setting.

From the very first minutes Gogol Bordello hit the stage, it was a non-stop, Gypsy Punk party at the Fox. I don’t know where lead singer Euene Hutz gets his energy, but the performer didn’t let up as he whirled and twirled in time to the band’s fast-paced songs.

The Gogol Bordello band has also become a more intricate part of the show. In past concerts, Hutz had manipulated center stage. However, last night”s show featured a more cohesive band and everyone on stage added to the show’s excitement.

Sure, this band isn’t as raw as it used to be.  Some of the show’s moments did feel like an orchestrated  Broadway show, but Gogol Bordello is still one of the best live shows around.

The best comment overheard after the show: Two guys were sitting on the curb outside the Fox. One guy says to the other, “I can’t believe you dragged me up to this show. Now, I’m glad I came. It was amazing!”

That’s how Gogol Bordello is winning fans, one show at a time.

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