Common Put on an Uncommon Show at Boulder's Fox Theatre

Common packed the Fox last night

Common packed the Fox last night

It was one of Boulder’s later shows, but the crowd at the Fox Theatre was psyched and ready to see rapper Common take the club’s stage Thursday night.

Common didn’t get on the stage until after midnight, but that didn’t seem to bother his fans.

The rapper  and his two-man  outfit were amped up from the minute the first notes hit the crowd. This act didn’t have to figure out the Fox sound system, the sounds were perfect from the start.

There’s one thing that has to be said about musicians who become actors — they know how to really work a crowd. Common spent the evening working all sides of the stage, taking time to flirt with the ladies and reaching out to fans that were anxious to grab hold onto his hands for a brief moment.

Common also knew how to work his songs. Whether he was rapping about being” too fly” or hip hop, the actor/musician put just the right emotion and emphasis into his performance. This was the kind of show you’d pay the big bucks for in a major arena and it was a treat to see Common play the Fox.

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