Chiddy Bang Review: Hip-Hop Electro Duo Rocks Saturday’s CU WelcomeFest for 7,500 Fans. Yeah, This Show Gets An A+


Chiddy Bang rocks the house at CU's WelcomeFest

The CU Program Council scored another big WelcomeFest hit!

Saturday night, the campus  group presented electro hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang on CU’s Farrand Field. The enthusiastic student crowd danced and sang along to the buzz band’s catchy tunes — with nary a glitch in the night.

The evening started out with tight sets by Colorado’s Air Dubai and rapper XV — who later joined Chiddy Bang on stage.  XV’s  beat-friendly rap and pop fusion got the crowd going and proved this is an artist you’re going to be hearing more from.

The crowd at Farrand Field was still light at that point, and students really started showing up at the end of the Pnuma Trio’s extended electro set.

 That’s where there were some problems.

CU students had to bring their BuffOne card to the show, so the lines got extremely long. Each card was hand-swiped  and caused major back-ups on both sides of the field.  It did make for a peaceful  crowd, but there has to  be a better way to do this.

Fortunately, Program Council held off Chiddy Bang’s set until the bulk of the students got onto Farrand Field.  PC Director Justin Greenstein estimated there  were 7,500 students  at the show – about the same as last year’s Pretty Lights gig.

Now for the good stuff.

Chiddy Bang hit the stage with a bang!

Rapper Chiddy headed right up to the front of his stage and started reeling off his clever rhymes, while drummer/producer Noah Beresin kept perfect time to the beat with his amazing samples. The duo cranked out a unique mix of rap, electro and pop beats, and picked some very interesting indie acts to sample.

The best part of the show came when Chiddy announced he was going to do some special Colorado freestyling.

Chiddy and Noah asked the crowd for unusual suggestions , so the audience rattled out weed, the color orange, the name Elizabeth, the Flatirons — and Johnny Depp going to Disneyland.

Chiddy rose to the challenge  and proved that he may be one of the best MC’s around. The hip-hop pro rattled off a word-perfect rap that rhymed perfectly and used all the students suggestions.

Yeah, I was pretty amazed.

Chiddy Bang spent the rest of the set showing off their skills and experimenting with sounds. At one point, Beresin announced they were heading into a mix with a Latin flavor and the duo pulled it off perfectly. The crowd also got into the group’s catchy, electro-based tune “Ice Cream Man.”

Rapper XV also joined the set and performed a couple of tunes with the group. Chiddy and XV balanced each other off and the crowd loved the combination.

The Chiddy Bang show ran until 10:30, because of the group’s later start. Too bad, I think the crowd would’ve been happy to stick around for more.

Was this the craziest WelcomeFest concert at CU?

No, but it may have been the most fun.

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