The Fray’s at Number One — The Local Band Beats Out “The Boss” (Springsteen), Beyonce and Kanye West

The Fray debut at number one on the "Billboard" Top 200 record chart

The Fray debut at number one on the "Billboard" Top 200 record chart

Whether you love or hate The Fray’s new self-titled CD — the Colorado band’s sitting pretty at the top of “Billboard” magazine’s Top 200 record chart.

That means The Fray aced out Bruce Springsteen’s  “Working on a Dream” for the number one slot.

Now, “The Boss” is sitting in the number two spot on the “Billboard” album charts. The Fray also beat out Beyonce, Kanye West and Nickelback for top-selling CD of the week.

And – here’s a special shout out to E! Entertainment’s cable E! News show. The show gets the “Duh Award” of the week.

Thanks, so much Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic — for leaving out any mention of Denver when your entertainment news show spotlighted The Fray last week.

Yes, like the lost boys of Neverland, E! News made The Fray look like the band without a home.  The “news” show neglected to mention the words Denver or Colorado in the five-minute Fray segment — it was like the band just dropped out of the sky and magically appeared on the national music scene.

Maybe,  E! News  never heard of Colorado. Duh.

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