The Fray: Talking Grammy Nominations and New CD. Read the Colorado Daily Interview and Watch the Grammys This Sunday

The Fray's getting ready for Sunday's Grammy Awards show

The Fray's getting ready for Sunday's Grammy Awards show

The Fray’s getting ready for its second trip to the Grammys.

The Colorado band’s been nominated for two Grammys, so they’ll be sitting in the audience of Sunday’s televised awards show. The Fray’s up for the  Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Album awards. The band’s up against some steep competition, but its got its sights on the prize.

The Fray’s also getting ready to make a new record — and there may be a few surprises in store for the fans. The band’s going to try out some new musical stylings on new CD, so the group’s checking out some very interesting producers right now.

Read the Daily interview with The Fray’s Joe King and find out about Sunday’s Grammys and the up-coming record —

Stay tuned

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