The Fray Visit “Rolling Stone”: Band News About New Single “Say When” and “American Idol” — and Acoustic Videos

The Fray make an acoustic visit to "Rolling Stone" magazine

The Fray make an acoustic visit to "Rolling Stone" magazine

The Fray rocked last weekend’s Mile High Music Festival, but that’s not all theĀ  Denver band’s been up to.

The Colorado group recently visited “Rolling Stone’s” offices in New York and played an acoustic setĀ  — including the new single “Say When.”

On Friday night’s new VH1 countdown, the song was just bubbling under the channel’s Top 20 videos.

In more Fray news: Joe King has been working with this season’s “American Idol” winner Kris Allen on his debut CD.

See the entire “RS” story and see videos of the band — including one of Isaac Slade playing a cool version of the Joan Osborne tune “St. Teresa.”

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