3OH!3+ Katy Perry= “Starstrukk” Video: Colorado Band Films Video with the Pop Star in LA — Story Just Posted on Perez Hilton’s Site

Colorado's 3OH!3 and Katy Perry just made a new video for "Starstrukk"

Colorado's 3OH!3 and Katy Perry just made a new video for "Starstrukk"

You never know where Colorado’s electro-fused 3OH!3 is going to turn up next!

Last Monday, the duo showed up at LA’s Natural History Museum to make a new video of “Starstrukk” with pop sensation Katy Perry.

The musicians have spent some time touring together, so it’s no surprise that they joined forces for this video project.

Perez Hilton loved the news too, because he featured a photo and blog entry earlier this week.

In more 3OH!3 news, the deluxe version of the group’s “Want” CD is now available on iTunes.

And remember — 3OH!3′s coming to Denver Dec. 19 at the Fillmore.

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