3OH!3: Dec. 20 Show at the Fox Sold Out in 10 Minutes! Now — 3OH!3’s Dec. 19 Show at the Fillmore’s Sold Out, Too.

3OH!3 sells out the Fox Theatre in 10 minutes!

3OH!3 sells out the Fox Theatre in 10 minutes!

Colorado’s 3OH!3 sells out the Fox Theatre in 10 minutes.

Why are we not surprised?

3OH!3 tickets sold out in record time for the band’s Dec. 20 show at the Fox. It was very cool, that the venue sold tickets to all 50 people who were standing outside in this sub-zero weather.

The band wants to get as many people into the club as they can, as proceeds from the concert will go to aid Colorado charities.  A lot of these organizations are hurting with this economy, so this 3OH!3 concert will be helping out some good causes.

In breaking news: 3OH!3’s Dec. 19 show at the Fillmore in Denver just sold out, too!

Stay tuned for a Club Notes interview with 3OH!3 in next week’s Colorado Daily.

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