Boulder Theater + Fox Theatre Looking at “Potential Merger.” The Two Local Venues May Join Forces This Spring. Does That Mean More Concerts for Boulder?

The Boulder Theater and the Fox are talking about a potential merger this spring

The Boulder Theater and the Fox are talking about a potential merger this spring

The Boulder music scene may be going through a major change this spring.

Today, word broke that the Boulder Theater and the Fox Theatre are looking to join forces. The move would combine the forces of Boulder’s top two venues  and forge them into one powerhouse entertainment entity.

Cheryl Liguori is the General Manager for the Boulder Theater, and she commented on the breaking music news.

“I would call this a potential merger,” Liguori said. “This is a conversation that the Boulder Theater and the Fox have had three times in the past 10 years.

“This would be something that’s good for the community and the venues.  This would be great for Boulder. There wouldn’t be competition over buying talent, and our combined strength would give audiences the best entertainment at the best prices.”

Liguori said the merger could have a positive effect on the Boulder community and the local music scene.

“Our overall goal is to keep bringing high quality entertainment to Boulder,” Liguori said. “There’s a great audience of supporters of live music, and we want to be able to offer the best entertainment we can.”

Liguori said that if the “potential merger” takes place, it will happen this spring. She added that the operational issues of the venues wouldn’t be decided upon until a merger occurred.

“This would absolutely be a good thing to do,” Liguori said. “This would be a good time to do this now and it’s  time to stop competing against each other. Ticket purchasers have ended up paying way too high ticket prices.

  “I really can’t comment any further.”

Fox Theatre management was contacted, but said they had no comment on the pending merger.

Stay tuned

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