U2 Cancels US Tour: Bono’s Back Surgery Pushes American Dates to 2011! Denver’s June 12 Date is Postponed + U2 Cancels 2010 Glastonbury Fest

Bono's surgery postpones U2's North American Tour

U2 really built a name for itself after the Irish band played a memorable ’80s concert at Red Rocks, but the band won’t be coming back to town this summer to play its June 12 Denver date.

That’s ’cause U2 singer Bono just had back surgery in Germany. The latest reports say the procedure was more serious than fans thought — pieces of his spinal disc were actually floating around his spine — and that’s not a good thing.

Fortunately, Bono will be fine — but it will take eight weeks to recover.

That means that U2 will postpone its 360 North American summer tour. Yes, Denver’s on the delete list, so the band will not be playing Colorado this year.

And — U2 just announced that it will not play this year’s headlining slot at the Glastonbury Festival.

That said, promoters are encouraging North American  fans to hold onto their tickets — until 2011 — the next time the band plays the US! Sounds like the promoters are a little nervous about having to refund all those tix.

Here’s hoping Bono makes a full recovery, as a U2 show is all about the lead singer working the stage and the crowd.

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