Triple A Radio Conference Wrap-Up for Friday and Saturday – Jack Johnson, Alpha Rev and Truth & Salvage Co. Score Big. To Sum It Up: 2010 Music Convergence Rocked

Jack Johnson closed out this year's Triple A Radio conference

Day four of the Triple A radio conference just ended, and it was one of the better years of the music party.

Friday’s big action was on the Hill.

One of the stars of the night was Truth & Salvage Co. It was easy to see why Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes signed this band.  Truth & Salvage company plays a rocking brand of alt-country, folk and rock, and shows off four songwriters and vocalists. The band’s performance was tight and should’ve been on the main stage at the Fox.

The Fox had an interesting combination of acts going on. Carney played an eerie brand of rock that went along with the band’s name, One Eskimo showed off its very atmospheric, indie rock blend and Keene rocked the house.

However, one of the big stars of the evening was Alpha Rev. The band played an industry show for the convention and showed why this is a new band to be reckoned with. The large band fuses classical instruments with the usual rock gear, and performs energy-pumping, song-driven rock tunes. You’re going to be hearing a lot more from this band.

The Triple a conference ended this morning with an acoustic set by ALO and a fantastic appearance by Jack Johnson.

Johnson apologized for starting to lose his voice — and he still has to play Mile High tonight! That didn’t stop the artist from cranking out his hits and new tunes. This guy has everything down from the great songwrting to humorous stage banter. Here’s hoping he comes back to Colorado this fall for an inside venue show.

That’s a Triple A radio conference wrap.

Overall, the acts were more diverse this year, but they were higher caliber of performances than some of the Triple A conferences.

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