Triple A Radio Conference: Fall CD Preview Session: New CD’s by Phish, Rodrigo y Gabriela and More

Rodrigo y Gabriela got high marks on new record at Triple A Conference

Rodrigo y Gabriela got high marks on new record at Triple A Conference

Triple A Conference Friday afternoon 8/07

One of my favorite sessions at the annual Triple A radio conference is the rate a record session.

Every year record companies put together a sampling of their best fall releases, then the songs are played — without the audience knowing who the artist is. The tunes are also rated by a usually savvy KBCO audience.

As usual, there were a lot of surprises for this year’s record rating session.

The big hits for the audience were up-coming new releases by Rodrigo y Gabriela, Corey Chisel and the Wondering Sons — and Boulder’s own Gregory Alan Isakov.

In fact Chisel’s and Isakov’s new radio tunes were so good, they’re going to make instant radio fans for these two acts. And Rodrigo y Gabriela’s new CD will have the duo paying homage to their favorite guitarists on the new record.

The crowd also seemed to like the bluesy, hip-hop sounds of Cage the Elephant and folk-rocker Seawolf.

The audience was on the fence about Bruce Hornsby’s new country twist to his sounds, and they didn’t know what to make out of The Flaming Lips’ ultra techno new record.

But the biggest clunker of the day was a massive surprise.

The audience had to listen to this very prozac-happy tune that was way too poppy for a roots-based band.

Guess who it was?

It was Phish’s new single and it was really, really bad. The new song got some of the lowest votes of the day from the KBCO fans and radio execs.

What happened to all the experimental joy these guys used to have? The band got hooked up with producer Steve Lillywhite and now he’s trying to make them the U2 of the jam world. I’m hoping the radio single doesn’t represent the band’s upcoming record.

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