The Chemical Brothers: Play Denver’s Fillmore on Sept. 1. Tickets on Sale This Saturday. The Act’s on the Road to Promote New CD, “Further”

The Chemical Brothers play the Fillmore in Denver on Sept. 1

The Chemical Brothers have set the gold standard when its comes to creating innovative techno sounds.

That’s why everyone’s excited that the bros are getting ready to release their new CD “Further.” The record comes out June 22 and it has a very unique concept.

Each track had a corresponding film developed for it and they will be included on a iTunes LP and special edition DVD. You can check out the new single “Swoon” and the accompanying film on YouTube¬†

Now the Chemical Brothers are hitting the road and the act will be playing Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium on Sept. 1. Tickets go on sale Saturday and they’re running $24.75 to $40.

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