Never Shout Never + “What is Love?” CD = Sold Out Boulder Show at Club 156: Read the Daily Interview with Christofer Drew

Never Shout Never plays a sold out show at CU's Club 156 tonight

Never Shout Never plays a sold out show at CU's Club 156 tonight

Tickets for Club 156’s Never Shout Never sold out in record time. No surprise there, as this is one act on the rise!

The intimate Club 156’s located in CU’s University Memorial Center, and its played host to an interesting assortment of up-and-coming acts over the years. Yep, students and locals are going to be saying,  “I was at Club 156’s Never Shout Never show,” as this artist’s career takes off.

Never Shout Never is actually Christofer Drew, and the 18-year-old has very quickly gone from MySpace phenomenon to rising star. Boulder will get to see the act in four-piece acoustic mode for this special sold-out concert.

Drew writes amazing, up-beat indie pop tunes that are infectious enough to rally his audiences.  The artist’s also been hitting the road with his new CD, “What is Love?”

Read the Daily’s Never Shout Never interview and find out more about this up-and-coming act :

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