John Butler Trio Interview: Sold Out Fox Show on 2/16 + Read About the New CD “April Uprising” and Butler’s Appearance on Aussie Version of “Who Do You Think You Are?”

The John Butler Trio plays a sold out show at the Fox Tuesday

The John Butler Trio plays a sold out show at the Fox Tuesday

John Butler went through an amazing journey of self-discovery, as he found out about his family history.

The artist was part of the Aussie version of the reality/documentary show ” Who Do You Think You Are.” The U.S. verison of the show airs in March with celebs Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon and Spike Lee.

Butler  translated the discoveries about his ancestors into the songa and lyrics for his new CD, “April Uprising.” The record drops in April and it promises to be one of the best projects released by the John Butler Trio.

There’s lots of anticipation for the new record, so Tuesday’s JBT show at the Fox Theatre sold out in record time. No worries, Butler says his band will probably be making a return trip to Colorado this summer.

Here’s the Colorado Daily interview with Butler. Find out more about Butler, his new CD and his Aussie TV appearance at:

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